Portable Deep UV Resonance Raman & Photoluminescence Spectrometer with Microscopic Imaging

DUV Raman PL 200

DUV Raman PL 200 is a fully integrated and portable Ultraviolet Resonant Raman (UVRR) spectroscopy and microscopy instrument. In particular, it is a deep UV Raman and fluorescence spectrometer that integrates a highly rugged deep UV (DUV) laser coupled to a high sensitivity deep UV spectrometer for both deep UV Raman and photoluminescence/fluorescence.
DUV Raman PL 200 is able to detect and map targeted materials, especially biological samples, providing different but complementary information: Raman provides information about molecular resonances, while fluorescence provides information about overall electronic configuration for a material.

  • Excitation Wavelength at 248.6 nm.
  • Dispersion: 2.2 cm-1/pixel, Raman Resolution <25 cm-1.
  • Spectral range: 300-3000 cm-1.
  • Detector: 3 stage TE Cooled (-35C), back thinned, back illuminated UV CCD Array 2048x128 elements, 12x12 micron pixels.
  • Motorized Position/Mapping Stage: 50x50 mm XY motorized, 10 mm Z manual, 2 μm resolution.
  • 5X deep UV achromatic objective standard and context Imaging Camera 2.4 M pixel.
  • High resolution mapping of surfaces with deep UV Raman or photoluminescence.
  • Liquid flow cell including sapphire window and cuvette holder for liquid samples analysis.
  • Cryo stage and temperature controller for measurements in the range between -190 and 600 °C.
  • Humidity control system to control humidity, condensation, and sample oxidation.
  • Size & Weight: 7.0” W x 8.0” H x 24” D, < 25 lb.
  • Command & Control: External laptop or tablet computer via USB for command, control, data processing, chemometrics and data storage.

📍 The system is located at the IUVS Beamline at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste in Area Science Park.

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