AI-augmented Research Infrastructure Facility

The facility is based on a cutting-edge computational architecture specifically tailored for modern AI applications, and on the expertise in the design and deployment of state-of-the-art machine and deep learning algorithms for life sciences applications. The facility allows for the integration of diverse multi-omics data sources, assist experimental design through in-silico modelling. The focus points of the activity are deeply rooted in the latest achievements of the data-driven revolution in omics-sciences introduced by AI:
  • deploy and further develop deep learning algorithms aimed at facilitating instrument usage and improving the interpretation of experimental results (e.g. such as Cryo-EM and other imaging techniques);
  • perform advanced statistical analysis of multiplexing data multi-omics, with particular emphasis on the construction and the study of synthetic representations by means of neural networks, to shed new insights on the underlying biological processes;
  • leverage recent AI-based solutions which allow accurate structural predictions from sequence-only information and automatic annotation of biomolecules, to enrich current techniques for drug discovery, both by exploring de novo protein design and by studying protein-ligand interaction.

📍 The “AI-augmented research infrastructure facility” is located in Area Science Park.

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