Data Management

Data integration from multiple experimental facilities is crucial for advancing the understanding of pathogens and improving preparedness for future outbreaks. The Laboratory of Data Engineering (LADE) of Area Science Park provides an ecosystem for data collection, storage, and curation to facilitate data integrity and accessibility across all stages of the research lifecycle. LADE is developing a series of instruments for efficiently data generated in the PRP@CERIC experimental facilities, including:

(prp-ELectronic Notebook)

It is a highly customized electronic notebook, built upon elabFTW, to record experimental procedures, share information and schedule laboratory activities in a digital shared form. prp-ELN allows full integration of the experiments with the HPC pipelines and metadata schema repositories developed in the PRP@CERIC infrastructure, and with tools for Data Management Plan (DMP).


It is a webapp for collecting and sharing Data Management Plans (DMPs) in a uniform and structured manner. This provides an intuitive tool allowing researchers to fully integrate their data policies into the infrastructure, with simple and customized steps, developed and maintained in a full containerized CI/CD pipeline, to ensure easy customizations, upgrades, and fast deployment.


It is a data management tool linking the storage infrastructure and the software for advanced analysis based on machine learning. MinIO is particularly suited for large data workflows and it is fully compatible with the Ceph storage system of the PRP@CERIC computing infrastructure. Providing fast access in read/write operations with numerous small files, it allows to oversee large amounts of metadata and to manage diverse concurrent operations with data consistency.