Alberto Cassetta

Alberto Cassetta




Dr. Alberto Cassetta is Senior Researcher at the Istituto di Cristallografia of CNR, in Trieste. His main scientific interests are Synchrotron Radiation applications to crystallography, Structural Biology and the application of biophysical methods to the study of intermolecular interactions. Furthermore, Dr. Cassetta is part of the Research Group coordinating the research activities at the XRD1 beamline at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.

Dr. Cassetta obtained his Degree in Chemistry in 1990 at the Rome University ‘La Sapienza’. He has been research fellow at the Department of Chemistry of the Manchester University mostly working on synchrotron radiation application to protein crystallography. He is currently involved in several research activities related to protein crystallography such as the structural biology of dystroglycanopathies and the biophysical and structural characterization of proteins-inhibitor complexes of pharmacological interest.

Dr. Cassetta is co-teaching “Biostructural survey techniques with synchrotron light” course at the University of Trieste.

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