Alessio Ansuini

Alessio Ansuini


Area Science Park


Alessio Ansuini is a Development Scientist at the RIT Institute located at Area Science Park in Trieste. In this role, he coordinates the scientific operations of the LADE research group, promoting the development of scientific interactions with other institutes and working at the intersection between artificial intelligence, physics, and life sciences.

He obtained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Sapienza University of Rome, after which he joined SISSA. During his time there, he explored machine learning techniques to extract meaningful insights from intricate data sets, collaborating with numerous groups in Neurobiology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Physics.

Alessio is also very involved in education, teaching the Deep Learning course at the University of Trieste, as well as the Master in High-Performance Computing program at SISSA and ICTP.

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