Chiara De Vita

Chiara De Vita

Project Manager

Area Science Park


Chiara De Vita, after a master’s degree in Psychology, obtained a PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences at the University of Trieste. As a research fellow in Area Science Park, for some years she was involved in the technical-scientific coordination and management of projects in the “Smart Health” field, also contributing to the implementation of related communication, training, and dissemination activities. Within these projects, she also contributed to the development and application of evaluation methodologies and tools, to data collection and qualitative and quantitative analysis processes.

Chiara is currently engaged as Project Manager in the PRP@CERIC project, within which she contributes to the coordination and monitoring of various activities. Among these, she is particularly involved in the management of training and education activities, including the organization of advanced schools and an International Scientific Conference on pandemic preparedness.

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