Federica Mantovani

Federica Mantovani

Infrastructure Manager

Area Science Park


Federica Mantovani is PRP@CERIC Research Infrastructure Manager at Area Science Park. After graduating in Chemical Engineering at the University of Trieste and completing a PhD on nanostructured materials, she started working in scientific research. Her initial field was drug delivery. Later on, her interest shifted towards material science, with a focus on soft materials and nanocomposites, a sector in which she also managed several EU-funded projects. Her subsequent involvement was then for 15 years in project development, contract and sales management activities in corporate R&D with a worldwide operational range. Her more recent experiences include working with Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste’s Industrial Liaison Office, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies and scientific institutions, and working for a biotech company in the sector of drug discovery applied to oncology and neurology.

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