Ruggero Lot

Ruggero Lot


Area Science Park


Ruggero Lot is a permanent technologist at RIT Institute at Area Science Park. He is mainly focused on the high-performance computing infrastructure and data engineering. In Area Science Park he jointly works on the development of FAIR datasets on the material and omics sciences and their quantitative analysis. Furthermore, he scouts and implements state-of-the-art software solutions on the HPC facilities for the research community.

He joined the RIT Institute after his Ph.D. at the University of Toulouse Paul Sabatier, where he worked on numerical simulations of complex phenomena at the interface between amorphous and crystalline silicon. These phenomena were investigated with a potential obtained by fitting density functional theory calculations performed using Quantum Espresso with PANNA. PANNA is a code he developed in collaboration with other researchers during his Ph.D. that uses artificial intelligence methods.

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