Simone Dal Zilio

Simone Dal Zilio




Simone Dal Zilio is a technologist at the CNR- IOM Institute located at the Area Science Park in Trieste. In this role, he manages IOM’s Facility of Nano Fabrication and the Scanning Electron Microscopy Facility. He is the contact person for IOM regarding activities and projects involving micro and nano fabrication processes. He also coordinates the Facility Committees, which are responsible for defining the plan of activities and projects.

He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Padua, during which he started working with researchers and laboratories at IOM. During his time at IOM, he explored many fields of application of micro and nano patterning technology, from organic electronics to biological applications.

Due to the experience he gained in the use of electron and ion microscopy for biological applications, he was appointed PRP project contact person for IOM.

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