Sonia Covaceuszach

Sonia Covaceuszach




Sonia Covaceuszach is a researcher at the Institute of Crystallography of CNR located at Area Science Park in Trieste. Her main research focus is the functional and structural study of proteins of therapeutic interest to elucidate the molecular basis of genetically inherited diseases, chronic pathologies or infections and thus to develop new pharmacological and diagnostic approaches.

She obtained her PhD in Biophysics from SISSA. She has been working for 10 years in two BioTechs developing therapeutic antibodies for the treatment of chronic pain and osteoarthritis, after which she joined the Institute of Crystallography. During her time there, she employed an Integrative structural biology approach, exploiting different experimental techniques for structure determination (X-ray crystallography, SAXS), as well as the biophysical investigation of ligand/protein binding (ITC, SPR, DSF, GCI), coupled with advanced theoretical approaches (MD, molecular docking) to decipher the physiological functions of target proteins and the molecular and/or conformational alterations associated with the diseases, and to provide the starting point for pharmacological research.

Sonia actively participates in education, teaching “Biostructural survey techniques with synchrotron light” course at the University of Trieste.

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