The Digital ECOSystem (DECOS) offers partners a distributed access to research data and advanced post-processing capabilities on its datacenters. The informatic infrastructure is also capable of collecting and integrating laboratory-wise metadata, supply the users with a customized electronic notebook and create custom automatic pipelines.


This ecosystem stands on three main pillars:

  • distributed hardware, that provides the infrastructure,
  • interoperable software, that integrates many different services,
  • “brainware” component, i.e., the human resources, such as data scientist and data engineers, that contribute to the development and deployment of the ecosystem and provide support to the research community.

DECOS will connect locally all the interoperable services towards all the PRP@CERIC experimental facilities, to implement a FAIR-by-design data collection, with software components designed to be flexible, interoperable, modular, and easy to combine.