High-Throughput Automatic Protein Crystallisation System

mosquito Xtal3
mosquito Xtal3 is an automatic liquid handler for protein crystallography, it is able to aspirate multiple components, dispense and even mix without splashing or split drops, eliminating manual pipetting errors.

  • Fast and accurate drop setup across a wide viscosity range.
  • Pipetting range 25 nL – 1.2 μL.
  • Optimise protein sample consumption thanks to a dead volume < 0.3 μL.
  • Flexible automation and rapid automated plate set-up different crystallisation techniques, including sitting drop vapour diffusion and hanging drop vapour diffusion.
  • 8-channel pipetting unit.
  • Positive displacement and disposable micropipettes to handle low volumes (25 nL - 5 uL) of liquid in plate to plate, or intra plate, transfers using contact dispensing, ideal for traditional pipetting tasks that users would like to miniaturise.
  • Coil with 26,000 pipettes.
  • Multiple aspiration before a single dispense and microseeding, essential for automating additive screening.
  • Active humidity chamber to reduce experimental inconsistencies caused by variation in the humidity in the environment, by allowing users to accurately control the relative humidity (RH) of each experiment. It enables up to a 90% reduction in drop evaporation, taking only a few minutes to reach high levels of humidity (80-90% RH).

📍The system is located at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste laboratories in Area Science Park.

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