Orbital Incubator Shakers

ISF1-Z Incubator Shaker

The ISF1-Z incubator shaker is suitable for applications in laboratories, research centres and production facilities as it is GMP compliant. It offers a large shaking capacity with a small footprint and many features allowing straightforward, safe handling of any culture or product.
The incubator shaker is applicable for insect cell cultures. It is temperature controlled (refrigerated) and stackable with related accessories.

  • Large temperature range quickly cool and heat up: from -22 °C from room temperature to +80 °C.
  • Culture volumes of up to 10-12 litres.
  • Adjustable shaking diameters from 0 to 70 mm.
  • Direct drive motor.
  • Hygienic stainless steel design according to DIN EN ISO 14159.

📍The system is located at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste laboratories in Area Science Park.

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