Advanced Crystallisation

Minimize time and sample handling with cutting-edge high-throughput (HT) crystallization and automated visualization services, designed to provide a streamlined crystal analysis.

📍The advanced crystallization services are provided by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste laboratories in Area Science Park.

High-throughput (HT) Crystallization

Our advanced crystallization technologies are tailored to create optimal conditions for your samples, ensuring enhanced accuracy and reproducibility. This precise control over crystallization parameters translates to high-quality crystal formation, crucial for successful structural analysis.

Automated Crystal Visualization

Visualize your crystals with unparalleled precision using our advanced imaging techniques, available at both 4 °C and room temperature settings. Our systems include both visible and UV light and offer the advantage of simultaneous multi-fluorescence imaging across two wavelengths, providing a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your crystalline samples.