Protein Production

Enhance your research with tailored protein production services, designed to meet your specific scientific needs. From initial construct design to final quality control checks, these services ensure you receive high-quality proteins for your several research applications.

📍The protein production services are provided by Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste laboratories in Area Science Park.

Construct Design

Access the construct of your choice. The design of your protein constructs begins with in silico analysis of target features and employes advanced methods like Ligation Independent Cloning (LIC), Sequence and Independent Ligation Cloning (SLIC), and Restriction-Free (RF) cloning.

Expression and Biomass Production

Different expression platform ranging from E. Coli to insect and mammalian cells are available. Biomass production is also available, providing you with the raw biomass required for protein expression.


Rely on protein expression in optimized conditions, tailored to deliver high yield and quality at a milligram scale for the specific needs of your project.

Advanced Purification and Quality Control

Several purification techniques are available in-house, including affinity chromatography, ion exchange and gel filtration using fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC), and size exclusion chromatography. Once purified, protein quality checks are paramount. Typical controls include purity analysis via SDS-PAGE, stability through Thermal Shift Assay, and more.