AI Computing Infrastructure for Image Analysis and Interpretation Facility

The facility can analyze and interpret huge amount of imaging data, such as images produced by the mass spectroscopy facility, the microscopy/nanoscopy and TEM facilities (multiplexing information). It provides software, libraries and tools to support the study, definition and deploy AI models for biological image analysis for:
  • Prediction/recognition (scoring) of protein crystallization process from images;
  • Histological images segmentation and automatic image regions classification;
  • Automatic cellular samples classification and recognitions;
  • Automatic slide images alignment using morphological features from tissues gene expression, hyperspectral imaging;
  • Chemometric classification and prediction models based on the combination of multiplexing information for the prediction of the host pathogen interaction and its progression as a function of different treatments;
  • Image segmentation, and feature co-localization from mass spectrometry, microscopy, space transcriptomics and histology on tissues and cells.

📍 The “AI computing infrastructure for image analysis and interpretation facility” is located at DIEM of the University of Salerno.

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