Pietro Campiglia

Pietro Campiglia


University of Salerno


Pietro Campiglia graduated with laude in Chimica e Tecnologia Farmaceutiche at the University of Napoli “Federico II” on July 2000. He obtained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science in 2003 at the University “Federico II” of Naples, department of Medical and Toxicological Chemistry, defending a doctoral thesis on the synthesis and activity of a series of Urotensin-II (UT) analogues. Since 2005 he is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Salerno where he teaches Medicinal Chemistry to undergraduate CTF students.
His research focuses on synthesis of peptides by traditional and solid phase methods, synthesis of heterocyclic compounds with pharmacological properties, analysis of nutraceutical products and development of a complete capillary line 2D-LC system for the analysis of proteome samples. His research interest involves antitumoral agents, selective ligands at melanocortin receptors, urotensin-II ligands, opioid peptides, integrine ligands, antibacterial and antimicrobical peptides, inhibitors of CaMKinase II, and agonists of PTPRJ. He is author of 101 papers published on important international journals and 50 poster communications in national and international congresses. He is the referee for “Biorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters”, " Journal of Medicinal Chemistry".

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