Real-time Deformability Cytometry

Real-time Deformability Cytometry (RT-FDC) is useful to capture and analyze in real time up to 1000 cells with any phenotype without the use of fluorescent labels. The deformation of cells by hydrodynamic forces and the relative stiffening upon interaction with nanoparticles/vesicles and/or drugs allows for the detection of differences in cell cycle phases without additional handling or staining. By analysis of distribution and average pixel intensity of transmitted light, it is possible to identify certain cell types and their content, to quantify cell size and shape. In addition, the integrated high-resolution fluorescence module allows analysis of the shape of the fluorescence peak (on three separate channels) in real time with a high acquisition rate. The combination of these techniques represents the necessary protocol to obtain a complete understanding of the biological event under investigation.

📍 The “Real-time deformability cytometry” station is located at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Salento.

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