Single-cell Flow Cytometry Imaging

This technique combines standard flow cytometry with detailed imaging. It provides the measurement of the cell size and the accurate morphology of ultrastructural elements at the resolution of mixed sub-populations in heterogeneous samples, upon the interaction with nanoparticles/vesicles and drugs.

This instrument is useful to analyse large numbers of cells quickly, developing statistically robust results (up to 12 multispectral images of up to 5000 cells or particles per second). It features 6 image channels that include brightfield, darkfield and fluorescence, up to 7 excitation lasers, with 40X magnification. The information acquired is fundamental for understanding apoptotic, necrotic events as well as the biochemical pathways which are triggered in the inflammatory phenomena in immune cells.

📍 The “Single-cell flow cytometry imaging” station is located at the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Salento.

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