iScan System

The iScan System is an innovative array scanner that provides fast, sensitive and accurate imaging of Illumina BeadChips. The iScan system is part of Illumina’s comprehensive portfolio of innovative assays for genotyping, copy number variation (CNV) analysis and DNA methylation. The scanners and components are modular, creating a system that can be synchronised and configured in accordance with varying levels of required sample throughput. The iScan system uses high performance lasers, optics and sensing systems to provide submicron resolution and high throughput. As a result, scan times are extremely fast while preserving data quality and reproducibility.
With a high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity, a low limit of detection, and a broad dynamic range, the iScan System produces exceptional data quality for use in a wide range of biomarker screening or validation studies. The high call rates (> 99% with the Infinium Assay) enable powerful population screening studies and high-resolution CNV analysis, accurately detecting even single copy number changes. The iScan System is ideally suited for fast, accurate screening in agrigenomics or for complex disease validation studies.

  • iScan Control Software v4.0.0.147
  • GenomeStudio v2.0.5
  • Illumina Decode file client v3.0.2
  • Sequencing Analysis Viewer v2.4.

The instrument is available to users through CERIC-ERIC.

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