NGS Facility

The Genomics and Epigenomics Laboratory (LAGE) works on analysing DNA and RNA sequences and genotyping (microarrays). Based on an open-access model, the laboratory is a leading national centre in the field of genomics and epigenomics, and promotes synergies between regional, national and international players.

📍 This facility is located at Area Science Park and focuses on the following techniques:

NGS-based Proteomics

This technique is based on Proximity Extension Assay technology combining multiplex immunoassays of proteins with NGS as a readout method. The assay will be run on a dedicated-automated system using minimal volumes of bio-specimens (serum, plasma, or any other type of biological sample). The selected technology exploits the potential of a NGS sequencer for proteomic application.

Single Cell Sequencing

Single cell sequencing for NGS facility helps the user of the facility to obtain single cell data with or without the morphological information of the original sample. It is possible to exploit the throughput of the available high performing sequencer to obtain genomic data points of a single cell instead of a population of cells. The facility can target up to 10,000 cells per sample, enabling the facility to provide a complete service for single-cell projects.

Spatial Transcriptomics

Spatial transcriptomics is a molecular profiling method that allows scientists to measure genomic activity directly from a tissue sample integrating omics data with the morphological information of the original sample.

Sample Preparation and High Throughput

This is a fully automated robotized system able to integrate multi-omic related steps, linking all the automatization steps in a digitalized and remotely trackable process that will lead from sample to data. To improve the flexibility towards multi-omics, the system can process different sample matrices during the same run, and it is linked with a robotized high throughput quality control and library preparation automatization.

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