Liquid Handlers

A range of liquid handlers are available at LAGE.

Dragonfly Discovery

Dragonfly Discovery enables accurate and repeatable nanolitre to millilitre dispensing, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions.

  • 200 nL – 4 mL dispense range
  • Simultaneous dispensing across 10 independent channels
  • Dispense directly into 96, 384 or 1536 well plates
  • High speed dispensing: 1 536 well plate fill < 3 mins; 384 well plate fill < 1 min

Mosquito LV (Low Volume) Genomics

Mosquito LV Genomics is a liquid handler that provides users with precise and repeatable pipetting in the nanolitre range, across a wide range of liquid viscosities and environmental conditions.

  • Highly accurate and precise multi-channel positive displacement pipetting from 25 nL to 1.2 μL
  • Pre-sterilized disposable pipettes to eliminate cross-contamination and maintain data integrity
  • Rapid plate-to-plate pipetting motion and tip exchange to maximize speed and efficiency
  • Aspirate, dispense, and mix in any plate type or format for experimental flexibility
  • Supported SBS plate formats (source and/or destination): 96, 384 and 1536
  • Throughput: 2 minutes/ 96-well plate; 3 minutes/ 384 well copy; 5 minutes/ 4 x 384 pate stamp out.

Biomek i7 Hybrid liquid handling automation systems

Two different systems are present on this station from Beckman Coulter: a NGS library preparation instrument and a nucleic acid extraction instrument.
These systems allow the extraction of DNA and RNA from biological samples and the processing of nucleic acid samples for NGS library preparation, quantification, normalization and pooling for sequencing. They allow the quantitation and evaluation of DNA/RNA samples using measurements in absorbance and fluorescence. A FlyBy barcode reader is present for samples and reagents traceability. Control and security systems include: two cams for remote control of the deck, a light curtain for system freezing in case of external interferences, and a cabinet enclosure for sample protection.
Different third part protocols can be implemented on the instruments, as well as new protocols for customized applications. The system can transfer liquids on 96well or 384well plates using a 96 positions multichannel pipetting head (1-300 µl in A, 5-1200 µl in B) or a span-8 system (1-1000µl). The working area is composed of 26 positions for consumables, 8 positions for multichannel tips loading and the integrated devices. Consumables can be moved on the deck using two independent grippers. Samples and reagents can be shaked or incubated at fixed temperature using the following integrated devices: orbital shaker for different kind of labware, static peltier (one in B and two in A) and shacking peltier for 96 well plates and thermoblock (usually used for 1.5 ml vials). Two wash stations are present for tips washing and recycling from 96 multichannel head and span-8 system. An integrated thermocycler (ATC) is present for sample incubation and on-deck PCR (only in the library preparation station). In the left side module a BMG FLUOstar Omega spectrofluorometer has been installed for integrated quality control steps.

  • Biomek Software v5.1.10
  • BMG Omega Package v5.70 Edition 4
  • ATC v1.3.


The Tecan Fluent 780 automated workstation is a powerful platform, yet FluentControl™ keeps daily operation simple with a dedicated touchscreen interface on the instrument itself. It’s an exceptional instrumentation concept providing a choice of workstation capacities, and robotics, liquid handling and application options to suit the process-specific needs of laboratories. FluentControl™ is designed to empower scientists to build, optimize and maintain their own assays, without the need for computer programming expertise. By separating the interactions of everyday workflows from the configuration of new assays, Tecan has created ideal tools for both. The Frida Reader module for Fluent workstations offers researchers the ability to quantify nucleic acids without sample loss. Designed to work in combination with the platform’s Air Flexible Channel Arm™, this patented approach performs UV absorbance-based quantification and purity assessment in a hanging drop, avoiding the consumption of rare and precious samples following nucleic acid purification (NAP). It is ideal for precious or low volume samples, as the hanging drop is aspirated back into the tip and can be used for further processing, such as normalization. This helps users to avoid poor quality results or downstream failures due to insufficient or contaminated samples, saving time and lowering costs. We provide a number of innovative, off-the-shelf solutions that are specifically tailored to applications in life sciences and diagnostics.

  • N° of robotic arms: 3
  • Flexible Channel Arms: 8 pipetting channels, independent Z movement; automatic Y tip spacing from 9-38 mm
  • Disposable tip (DiTi) sizes: 10, 50, 200, 1,000 μl – with or without filters; 10 and 350 μl – nested without filters
  • Tip Ejection System: Ejection of disposable tips in a contained environment to prevent aerosols. Also used for tip re–racking
  • Fixed tips: Standard, low volume 384-well and Te-PS tips (liquid displacement pipetting system only)
  • Rapid Wash: Ultra-fast delivery of wash solution by diaphragm pump (liquid displacement pipetting system only)
  • Disposable tips (DiTi) sizes: In Combi trays: 50μl, 200μl and 1000μl in 96 well format; with or without filters
  • Multiple Channel Arm™ 384: Automatically interchangeable head adapters for 96- or 384-well formats, fixed or disposable tips, access from 1-384 tips, rows as well as specific, columns and quadrants
  • Disposable tips (DiTi) sizes: 15, 50, 125 μl in 384-well format; 50, 100, 150, 200, 500 μl in 96-well format, with and without filters
  • Robotic Gripper Arm: Standard or long Z axes; regular gripper head or automatic Finger Exchange System gripper head, both with a choice of gripper fingers: eccentric, long eccentric, centric, tube; barcode reader option