NovaSeq 6000

NovaSeq 6000 is a flexible, ultra-high throughput DNA sequencing system capable of sequencing up to 48 human genomes at a 30-fold depth in a single instrument run. The instrument offers multiple flow cell formats, various read length configurations and the ability to analyse one or two flow cells at the same time to obtain data output ranging from approximately 160 Gb to 6 Tb and up to 20 billion reads per run, providing flexibility across a wide range of study applications and sizes. System specifications

  • Output range 80 – 6000 Gb
  • Paired end reads per run 1.6B – 40B
  • Max read length 2 × 250 bp
  • Run time 13 – 44 hours
  • 2 lanes, up to 4 channels per lane
  • Up to 384 samples per channel
  • NovaSeq Control Software v1.7.5
  • Sequencing Analysis Viewer v2.4.7
  • bcl2fastq v2.20.0.422

The instrument is available to users through CERIC-ERIC.

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