PromethION 24

PromethION 24 offers direct, real-time DNA and RNA sequencing technology capable of long readings (>4Mb) of single molecules. The PromethION 24 system is designed to run 24 flow cells, allowing for on-demand sequencing, using any flow cell at any time. The running of single experiments can be started and stopped as required or multiple flow cells can be deployed onto single experiments for greater speed or throughput. Each flow cell allows up to 3,000 nanopores to be sequenced simultaneously, with a yield of > 4.8 Tb (up to 7Tb). The PromethION benefits from the inclusion of on-board compute which permits device control, data acquisition, basecalling and data streaming, all without placing any additional burden on existing IT infrastructure.

  • MinKNOW v22.10.7
  • EPI2ME Labs 3

The instrument is available to users through CERIC-ERIC.

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