High-Throughput Automated Electrophoresis System

The 4200 TapeStation system is a high-throughput automated electrophoresis system to qualify and quantify nucleic acid samples in next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray (including array CGH), qPCR or biobank workflows. It allows fully automated, easy, and reliable analysis of DNA and RNA for up to 96 samples per run, revealed by fluorescent staining.

  • Simplified workflow and minimal hands-on time with fully automated sample processing
  • Nucleic acid analysis with minimal manual intervention and excellent reproducibility for size, concentration, and integrity
  • Wide range of RNA and DNA applications, including assays for genomic and cell-free DNA
  • Full sample scalability from 1 to 96 samples with constant cost-per-sample
  • Compatible for sample in 2 x 8-tube strips or 96-well microtiter plates
  • Minimized time to results with as little as 1 to 2 minutes per sample or less than 90 minutes for 96 samples
  • Reduced sample consumption with as little as 1 to 2 µL of DNA and RNA samples, even for high-sensitivity assays
  • No risk of cross contamination with individual lanes
  • DNA sizing and quantification in the range 35 bp to 60 kbp and 5 pg/μL to 100 ng/μL; RNA sizing and quantification in the range 100 to 6,000 nt and 100 pg/μL to 500 ng/μL
  • Reliable integrity standards for RNA (RNA integrity number equivalent, RINe), genomic DNA (DNA integrity number, DIN), and cell-free DNA (%cfDNA)

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