Grating-Coupled Interferometer

Creoptix WAVE delta
The Creoptix WAVE delta offers advanced kinetics analysis, providing rapid measurements in hours instead of days using waveRAPID and high-throughput mode with 96-384 well plates. This label-free technology combines microfluidics and automated software to deliver high-quality affinity even at very low responses (Rmax below 1 pg/mm2) and kinetic data across various sample types with dramatically different size ratios (from fragments to large particles up to 1000 nm).
The system enhances drug discovery and research by expanding affinity range and supporting challenging samples (i.e., membrane proteins, virus-like particles, liposomes, and nanodiscs). With its sensitivity and speed, the WAVE delta enables precise interaction data capture, including off-rates as fast as 10 s–1 and weak binder resolution. Its microfluidic cartridge accommodates diverse samples without clogging issues, allowing analysis of crude samples and under physiological and harsh conditions. The intuitive software simplifies experimental setup and data analysis, making kinetics measurements efficient and accessible for researchers across different fields.

General Specifications

  • Noise (RMS): <0.01 pg/mm2 @ 1 Hz
  • Association Const. Range: ka = 102 – 5x107 M-1 sec-1 (small molecules); ka = 102 – 3x109 M-1 sec-1 (large molecules)
  • Dissociation Const. Range: KD = 10-6 - 10 sec-1
  • Analysis temperature range: 4 °C – 45 °C (max 20 °C below ambient)
  • Molecular Weight Limit: No lower limit
  • waveRAPID Functionality

  • Flow Channels / Path: 4, parallel
  • Channel Referencing: Any combination of the 4 channels
  • Flow Cells: Sealed, disposable, integrated into disposable WAVEchip
  • Flow Rate: 1 – 400 μl/min
  • Crude Sample Robustness

Sample Handling
  • Sample Capacity: 2x microtiter plates (96 or 384 well, standard or deep well) or vial racks (48 positions of 1.5 ml)
  • Buffer: Automatic switching between 4 buffers
  • Built-in degasser
  • Injection Volume: < 450 μl, 100 μl typical
  • Sample Volume Required: Injection volume plus 15-50 μl (application dependent)
  • Sample Storage Temperature: Ambient or 4 °C – 20 °C regulated
  • Sample Recovery
  • Automation: 120 h of unattended operation

WAVEcontrol software

📍The system is located at CNR-IOM laboratories in Area Science Park.

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