Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

The PEAQ-ITC (MicroCal Technology) is a highly sensitive and user-friendly isothermal titration calorimeter designed for the label-free study of biomolecular interactions in solution, covering a wide range of affinity levels, from sub-millimolar to picomolar levels, with excellent reproducibility. The instrument is capable of investigating 8 - 12 interactions per 8 h day with as little as 10 µg of protein.
Key features include high signal-to-noise ratio ensuring data quality, automated washing for reproducible results, and the ability to measure various binding parameters (affinity, stoichiometry and thermodynamics) in a single experiment in solution without the need for labelling. The accompanying analysis software facilitates experiment design and large data set evaluation.

  • Measurement parameters:
    Affinity (KD)
    Enthalpy (ΔH)
    Entropy (ΔS)
    Stoichiometry (N)
  • Sample volume: 280 μL.
  • Cell volume: 200 μL.
  • Injection syringe volume: 40 μL.
  • Injection volume precision: < 1% @ 2 μL.
  • Throughput: 8-12 per 8 h day.
  • Noise: 0.15 ncal/s.
  • Temperature Range: 2 °C to 80 °C.
  • Temperature stability at 25 °C: ± 0.00012 °C.
  • Response time: 8 s.
  • Multiple feedback modes: passive, high gain, low gain.
  • Software: PEAQ-ITC analysis software.

📍The system is located at CNR-IOM laboratories in Area Science Park.

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