Accelerator Mass Spectrometry System for Biomedical Applications

The Biomedical Accelerator Mass Spectrometry system (BioAMS) is an ultrasensitive mass spectrometer for the determination of the ratios between the stable isotopes of carbon (13C and 12C) and the concentration of the radioactive isotope 14C as an analytical tool for the study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and for the development of radiocarbon-labeled drugs at very low doses.
The spectrometer is a new generation AMS system that guarantees very high standards of operation and reliability, reduced measurement times for each individual sample, a high number of measurable samples each year, the measurement of 14C/12C isotopic ratios up to sensitivity levels of 10-15 measuring at the same time total nitrogen and carbon concentrations, even remotely, by the user. The system is manufactured by High Voltage Engineering Europa in the Netherlands.

📍The system is located at the University of Salento.

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