Agilent GCMS 5977b

Agilent GCMS 5977b

GC-MS is a high robust method that allows the analysis of complex samples after their derivatization. The employment of electron impact sources allows easy comparison of mass spectra with libraries for identification of metabolites in the samples. This Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer is the latest in the series of most trusted single quadrupole GC/MS instruments. It is ideal for on applications such as environmental, chemical, petrochemical, food, forensic, pharmaceutical, and material testing.

- EI source - External calibration - MS modes: Scan and SIM - Analyzer: Quadrupole - Softwares: MassHunter for raw data analysis

The instrument is available to users through CERIC-ERIC and is part of the “BOL: Bio Open Lab” project funded by the Ministry of University and Research (Research and Innovation PON 2014-2020 program).

📍The instrument is located at DIFARMA of the University of Salerno.

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