Shimadzu LC40prep-LCMS2020

Shimadzu LC40prep-LCMS2020

The isolation of bioactive compounds from complex matrices, such as biofluids, synthesis reaction and phytocomplexes is essential to perform in vivo or in vitro assays. Semi or preparative liquid chromatography assisted by mass spectrometry and UV detection allow to isolate and purify large amount of compounds with relative purities up to 95%. This instrument is a preparative liquid chromatography system equipped with photodiode array and mass spectrometry (single quadrupole).

  • ESI source
  • Additional PDA detector
  • External calibration
  • LC: up to 440 bar (prep) 1300 bar (analytical)
  • Flow rate: up to 100 mL/min in prep mode
  • MS modes: Scan and SIM
  • Analyzer: Quadrupole
  • Software: LC-MS solution for raw data analysis

The instrument is available to users through CERIC-ERIC and is part of the “BOL: Bio Open Lab” project funded by the Ministry of University and Research (Research and Innovation PON 2014-2020 program).

📍The instrument is located at DIFARMA of the University of Salerno.

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