Time-of-Flight Coupled to Dual Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometer - timsTOF fleX

timsTOF FleX
The timsTOF fleX is a fully functional high speed, high sensitivity ESI instrument for all your Omics analyses with integrated MALDI source for fast MALDI Imaging.
The instrument is capable of 5 micrometer spatial resolution and post-ionization (MALDI2) to enhance sensitivity.

  • Resolution: 60000
  • Acquisition rate: up to 300 Hz in dda-PASEF
  • PASEF methods: dda-PASEF, dia-PASEF, prm-PASEF, caps-PASEF, VistaScan
  • Source / laser: ESI, CaptiveSpray 2, VIP-HESI, GC-APCI; MALDI (smartbeam 3D), MALDI-2 (MALDI-2 laser)

📍The instrument is located at DIFARMA of the University of Salerno.

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