Microwave Peptide Synthesizer

Liberty Blue™ 2.0
The Liberty Blue 2.0 is an ultra-efficient microwave peptide synthesizer, delivering high-quality peptides with record low waste generation and synthesis times. The instrument allows to substantially decrease solvent use while increasing the complexity of peptides that can be synthesized with high purity.

  • < 4 minutes per amino acid (AA) addition (includes coupling through deprotection, scales under 0.5 mmol).
  • < 6 mL waste generated per AA addition (includes coupling through deprotection, scales under 0.2 mmol).
  • 0.005 to 5 mmol synthesis scale range.
  • 27 positions for amino acid bottles.
  • 2 positions for base/activator.
  • Microwave technology used in coupling and deprotection methodology for accurate and responsive control of reaction temperature.
  • Digitally variable N2 control for optimized bubbling, purging, and draining.
  • 90% solvent reduction based on High Efficiency Solid Phase Peptide synthesis (HE-SPPS).

📍The system is located at DIFARMA of the University of Salerno laboratories.

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