Lipidomics Analysis

Apply both targeted and untargeted approaches to comprehensively analyse lipid molecules, discovering novel compounds that play critical roles in various biological pathways. We handle all types of biological samples including biofluids (plasma, saliva, blood), suspended cells, adherent cells, exosomes, organoids, and tissue samples (from clinical biopsies or in vivo models).

For untargeted analysis, the instrumentation employed is a hybrid quadrupole Time of flight mass spectrometer Tims tof Pro (Bruker Daltonics) interfaced by a front-end UHPLC system Ultimate 3000.
For targeted analysis the instrumentation employed is a triple quadrupole LCMS 8050 interfaced with a UHPLC system Nexera (Shimadzu, Kyoto, Japan).

đź“ŤThe lipidomics analysis services are provided by University of Salerno.

Lipid Biomarker Identification

The main application of lipidomics analysis is the identification of lipid biomarkers. These compounds are pivotal for understanding both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, as well as some aspects of cancer progression and treatment responses. The study of such compounds can therefore aid in the development of targeted therapies and diagnostic tools.

Integration with Metabolomics

The facility offers also integration of lipidomics with metabolomics, allowing to gain comprehensive insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying various diseases, pharmaceutical effects, and lifestyle factors.

Selected Publications

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