Advanced Cytometry

Our tools leverage the latest advancements in cytometry technology combining detailed imaging and mechanical analysis. We are committed to provide insights into cellular functions, behaviors and properties.

📍 The advanced cytometry analysis are provided by the Nanobioelectronics, Nanobiotechnology, and Nanomedicine Laboratories of the Department of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Salento.

Cell Imaging

Our cutting-edge single-cell flow cytometer integrates the quantitative power of flow cytometry with the detailed spatial and morphological insights of microscopy. This hybrid approach allows for comprehensive single-cell analysis, capturing multiple images per cell to provide rich, multi-dimensional data sets.

  • Examination of cell phenotype and morphology;
  • Molecular marker co-localization studies;
  • Cell health and apoptosis monitoring.

Mechanical Cell Analysis

Real-time deformability cytometry allows to assess the mechanical properties of cells, which are crucial for understanding cell type and state, as well as their response to various stimuli. It provides an innovative way to characterize cells based on their physical properties, complementing traditional fluorescence-based cytometry.

  • Mechanical phenotyping of cells;
  • Drug screening and toxicity testing.